The First Meeting April 17 1934


Lakehead Amateur Radio Club Founders


Minutes of Re-organization meeting in the Y. M. C. A.,

Fort William, Ont., April 17th, 1934, 7:30 p. m.

On Tuesday, April 17th, a meeting of the Radio amateurs of the

District was called by J. Sky, Brien O’Brien and Dr. Quakenbush to

be held in the Y. M. C. A., Fort William, to be held as a dinner

meeting in order to organize as a body.

At the conclusion of the dinner, P. J. O’Shea was made Chairman

and called the meeting to order.

He called on the various ones present at the meeting to give

their views on the formation of an organized club, and everyone was

unanimously of the opinion that one should be formed at once.

It was moved by Brien O’Brien and seconded by C. C. MacDonald

that a committee be appointed to find a suitable name and the motion

was carried, with the following being appointed to serve on the

committee: J. Sky, Brien O’Brien, J. Fieldhouse, C. C. MacDonald and

  1. Partington.

The following were elected as officers for the club: President P.

  1. O’Shea, Secretary-Treasurer, Bruce Grant.

It was decided that the executive should consist of those forming

the committee to find a name for the club and the officers.

It was moved by Mr. MacDonald and seconded by J. Fieldhouse that

only those holding amateur experimental certificates be eligible for

membership in the Club. This was carried.

Moved by Mr. MacDonald and seconded by Brien O’Brien that a

yearly donation of 50¢ be made by each fellow and any dinners be

paid for by each one attending. This was also carried.

Everyone was in favour of a suggestion made by Dr. Quakenbush

that a relay net be formed to handle messages for conventions being

held here this year.

One of the features of the evening was the reading of two

telegrams of greeting, one from the Manitoba Wireless Experimental

Association of Winnipeg and the other from the Riverdale Radio Club

of Toronto.

Another event was the holding of a grab bag, which caused lots of


Several talks were given by various ones present.

The meeting then adjourned although there was considerable

discussion afterwards on radio problems.

The following were present:

  1. J. O’Shea (FW), J. Fieldhouse (FQ),
  2. C. MacDonald (GS), S. Clarke (OZ (or RA—hand written)),
  3. Rayner (CX), E. Moore (KN),
  4. Sky (HA), K. Dunphy (DX),
  5. Partington (WH), A. Chadwell (QP),
  6. Duncan (LY), B. Rudman (UE),
  7. Harris (GB), Dr. Quakenbush (CH),
  8. Cavaney (GG), Radio Inspector Pawley and

Brien O’Brien (UA), Bruce Grant (SJ).

 Lakehead Amateur Radio Club History Project

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