LAKEHEAD AMATEUR RADIO CLUB - 75 Anniversary Project
List of Historic Documents
compiled by VE3ATC
    name asc type size
download Amateur Radio Info CRRL.pdf pdf 12.3 MB
download Assorted Statements Undated.pdf pdf 3.0 MB
download CRRL Amateur Radio Info.pdf pdf 6.7 MB
download CRRL Repeater Directory 1985.pdf pdf 3.7 MB
download DRC186 Cover Page.pdf pdf 449.4 KB
download EFC Tales from the Transmitter.pdf pdf 599.8 KB
download Emerg Trailer Draft 2002.pdf pdf 3.1 MB
download error_log  3.2 KB
download Executive Meeting Dec 1991.pdf pdf 830.9 KB
download LARC Amateur Radio Ad Sep 1993.pdf pdf 1,000.0 KB
download LARC EMI CTTEE Jan 1993.pdf pdf 2.3 MB
download LARC Ham Class Ad 2002.pdf pdf 749.8 KB
download LARC Hamfest Ad Aug 1994.pdf pdf 2.1 MB
download Membership List 1986.pdf pdf 5.7 MB
download Minutes Boston Pizza Dec 2002.pdf pdf 2.3 MB
download NWO Callbook 2 pgs May 1992.pdf pdf 1.5 MB
download NWO Callbook Addendum Mar 1993.pdf pdf 3.1 MB
download NWO Callbook Sup. Dec 1992.pdf pdf 2.0 MB
download PRESSTOP Monitoring Times 1991.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
download Reports & Recommendations 1986.pdf pdf 2.0 MB
download TBR System Codes Aug 1987.pdf pdf 1.0 MB
download TBR System Codes Jun 1987.pdf pdf 1.0 MB
download VE3AVS Listening In Jan 1990.pdf pdf 2.0 MB
download VE3AVS Word Puzzles.pdf pdf 1.2 MB
download VE3OPI LARC Course Outline.pdf pdf 1,013.2 KB
download VE3TBR Functions VE3NHX.pdf pdf 480.2 KB
download VE3TKA Packet BBS Codes.pdf pdf 646.5 KB
download VE3YQT Fund Raising VE3HFS.pdf pdf 1,009.8 KB
download VE3YQT RC-850 Controller Info.pdf pdf 735.4 KB
download Your Beam CARF Mar 1986.pdf pdf 2.7 MB
download YQT Expansion Motion May 1988.pdf pdf 658.8 KB
download YQT Service Trip Mar 1988.pdf pdf 1.6 MB

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