LAKEHEAD AMATEUR RADIO CLUB - 75 Anniversary Project
List of Historic Documents
compiled by VE3ATC
    name asc type size
download 1960 List of Thunder Bay District Amateurs.pdf pdf 231.1 KB
download 1960-01-21 minutes brief mention of Kam Club station.pdf pdf 217.9 KB
download 1960-02 Monthly Bulletin - constructing 10 transistor Heath Kit Mohican receiver.pdf pdf 219.3 KB
download 1960-02-xx minutes US expands 20 meter phone band.pdf pdf 219.5 KB
download 1960-03 Monthly Bulletin - Worked All Locals contest rules and sample log sheet.pdf pdf 226.3 KB
download 1960-03-17 minutes ELECTIONS, Worked All Locals Contest.pdf pdf 222.1 KB
download 1960-04-xx minutes High-Q introduced by Editor Jon Ogden VE3ECO.pdf pdf 218.5 KB
download 1960-05-19 minutes 2nd reading of revised Constitution, financing High-Q.pdf pdf 218.8 KB
download 1960-06-16 minutes Field Day preparations.pdf pdf 221.5 KB
download 1960-09-15 minutes Club library established with purchase of back copies of QST.pdf pdf 219.1 KB
download 1960-10-19 minutes NWO Net, New Constitution distributed.pdf pdf 218.5 KB
download 1960-11-17 minutes talk on radio control of models..pdf pdf 218.1 KB
download 1960-12-xx minutes NWO Net report, VE3ANP - VE3AJ now producing High-Q.pdf pdf 218.4 KB
download 1961-01-16 minutes Fire destroys home Hec Willson VE3DMZ, Bell's Microwave system.pdf pdf 221.9 KB
download 1961-02-16 Memo by Jon Ogden VE3ECO rpt on circulation, cost for 1st year of HIGH-Q.pdf pdf 217.9 KB
download 1961-02-16 minutes discussions re High-Q, NWO Net reorganization.pdf pdf 218.0 KB
download 1961-03-16 minutes High-Q staff now 4, High-Q to focus on intrests of NWO hams.pdf pdf 219.3 KB
download 1961-04-20 minutes new Editor Jim Stanko VE3ECW discussed High-Q financing.pdf pdf 223.8 KB
download 1961-05-18 minutes changed to 2 positions preparations for visit by Noel Eaton.pdf pdf 223.0 KB
download 1961-06--5 Noel Eaton VE3CJ visits LARC, rpt fund helps Hec Willson recover fire loss.pdf pdf 222.8 KB
download 1961-06-15 minutes discussion of Club affiliating with ARRL.pdf pdf 217.7 KB
download 1961-09-21 minutes CJLX to record ham QSO.pdf pdf 217.3 KB
download 1961-10-19 minutes proposal to produce Ham Shack Visit articles in High-Q.pdf pdf 218.8 KB
download 1961-11-16 minutes report on EMO Exercise Tocsin.pdf pdf 217.6 KB
download 1962-01-18 minutes High-Q finances, ARRL is processing affiliation application.pdf pdf 217.8 KB
download 1962-02-15 minutes delinquent dues and High-Q production efforts and expenses.pdf pdf 217.2 KB
download 1962-03-15 minutes - Elections, ARRL affiliation aceptance verbally confirmed.pdf pdf 219.0 KB
download 1962-04-19 minutes Club to join the Thunder Bay Film Council.pdf pdf 218.4 KB
download 1962-05-17 minutes Charter read by Secretary, Field Day plans discussed.pdf pdf 217.4 KB
download 1962-06-15 minutes CFPA studio visit, Field Day plans.pdf pdf 217.3 KB
download 1962-09-20 minutes plans for local 2 meter net, discussion re pros and cons of SSB.pdf pdf 217.1 KB
download 1962-10-18 No meeting, Airport Control Tower and Radar Site Visits.pdf pdf 216.0 KB
download 1962-11-16 minutes discussion re proposed Canadian Novice license.pdf pdf 217.6 KB
download 1962-12-20 minutes vote to reject new licensing schedule, EMO Communication.pdf pdf 217.1 KB
download 1963-01-17 minutes - ELECTIONS, 3FW, 3GS and 3AJ Honorary Members.pdf pdf 218.5 KB
download 1963-03-21 minutes discussions re Club's participation in Civil Defence emergencies.pdf pdf 218.5 KB
download 1963-03-28 Special Meeting with EMO Coordinator, member to attend course in Arnprior.pdf pdf 216.5 KB
download 1963-04-18 Hockey game pre-empts meeting, Auction sale held.pdf pdf 215.7 KB
download 1963-04-26 minutes VE3AVS investigates rubber stamps for letterhead and QSL cards.pdf pdf 218.7 KB
download 1963-05-16 minutes Operational Officer and Deputy appointed for EMO.pdf pdf 217.4 KB
download 1963-06-23 minutes Club station operator's license level.pdf pdf 216.9 KB
download 1963-09-19 minutes vote on no code UHF only license, Murillo Fair booth report.pdf pdf 217.7 KB
download 1963-10-17 minutes appointments to EMO, EMO equipment and club meeting rooms.pdf pdf 216.9 KB
download 1963-11-21 minutes AREC membership, call sign license plates, CKPR-TV tour.pdf pdf 217.6 KB
download 1963-12-12 minutes discussion re changing meeting night to 2nd Thursday vice 3rd.pdf pdf 217.5 KB
download 1964-01-24 minutes - Elections, Mr Widnal spoke about CD Communications.pdf pdf 217.3 KB
download 1964-02-13 minutes ITU considering loss of frequencies for amateurs.pdf pdf 223.1 KB
download 1964-03-12 minutes Life membership approved for Bert Tamblin, Hec Wilson SK.pdf pdf 223.5 KB
download 1965-01-16 minutes - Elections, Bert Tamblin VE3ANP life membership.pdf pdf 222.2 KB
download 1965-01-16 Retiring Pres Lawrence VE3EEK reviews club's activities through 1964.pdf pdf 227.0 KB
download 1965-01-16 Retiring Pres Lawrence VE3EEK summarized speech.pdf pdf 227.7 KB
download 1965-03-11 minutes Bell Rep describes history of mobile telephone communications.pdf pdf 217.2 KB
download 1966-01-xx minutes LS and R course, talk on SSB filters.pdf pdf 217.1 KB
download 1966-02-xx minutes Modern and early radio equipment on display.pdf pdf 216.1 KB
download 1966-03-10 minutes 3AVS talks about intruders in the Ham bands.pdf pdf 216.8 KB
download 1966-03-10 Special, pre-banquet Financial Report.pdf pdf 217.1 KB
download 1966-04-12 minutes Financial Rpt, planned EMO exercise postponed.pdf pdf 217.2 KB
download 1966-05 LARC Membership List.pdf pdf 217.6 KB
download 1966-05-xx Corrected Financial Report.pdf pdf 217.9 KB
download 1966-05-xx minutes Elections, 3aj buys club's twr, 3eew's electronic keyer and vibro-keyer.pdf pdf 216.7 KB
download 1966-06 Field Day Report.pdf pdf 216.0 KB
download 1966-09-08 minutes lost Bach Simpson meter, damaged TX, 73 mag kickback.pdf pdf 220.6 KB
download 1966-10-13 minutes Club's Annual Auction.pdf pdf 217.3 KB
download 1966-11-10 minutes TX repaired, radio room locks to be changed, keys controlled.pdf pdf 217.8 KB
download 1966-12-08 minutes Bach Simpson meter replaced, key controls, Search and Rescue comms.pdf pdf 218.1 KB
download 1967-01-12 minutes low membership-low incime, 3AJ offers home-brew coax switch.pdf pdf 219.5 KB
download 1967-02-09 minutes discuss re low finances, S and R comms, 3EEW new Editor.pdf pdf 219.5 KB
download 1967-03-09 minutes new XCVR ordered, pwr supply to be built, 3EBS talk on antennas.pdf pdf 217.8 KB
download 1967-04-12 minutes and Financial Rpt, Eatons window display, TX Hunt in May.pdf pdf 220.4 KB
download 1967-05-xx minutes Club receives HW-12A for 75M SSB, S and R covers pwr supply cost.pdf pdf 217.1 KB
download 1967-06-08 minutes Elections, 3C prefix, Ontario Hydro Steam Plant tour.pdf pdf 217.3 KB
download 1967-09-15 minutes 3ARN search Rpt, how Ont Hydro communicates over power lines.pdf pdf 218.5 KB
download 1967-10-xx minutes comms for 600 mile car rally, tour Videon Ant site.pdf pdf 217.5 KB
download 1967-11-09 minutes comms for Miles for Millions Walk, 3AYZ talks on TVI and the cures.pdf pdf 218.0 KB
download 1967-12-xx minutes insurance coverage for S and R activities.pdf pdf 217.9 KB
download 1968-01-xx Stan Stanford VE3EEC named RSO delegate.pdf pdf 218.9 KB
download 1968-02-xx EMO reorganization, Doc Tarnow VE3FSE to leave lakehead.pdf pdf 220.6 KB
download 1968-03-14 Pres now 3ARN, 3EEC silent key, 3EFW new RSO delegate.pdf pdf 218.9 KB
download 1968-04-xx Dick Bridgeman desc ops at wx office, Sportsman Show.pdf pdf 217.8 KB
download 1968-05-xx Mahon Electric Picture Tube Plant Visit Report.pdf pdf 220.5 KB
download 1968-06-13 Elections, current Directors remain until September meeting.pdf pdf 217.5 KB
download 1968-09-12 summary, Dir appoint postoned, 2M FM, sale of Club manuals.pdf pdf 219.7 KB
download 1968-10-10 summary, elections, mobile ant for HW-12A, Bell films.pdf pdf 220.5 KB
download 1968-11-14 summary, revised constitution, 75M portable commercial dipole.pdf pdf 222.3 KB
download 1968-12-12 summary - closed circuit TV demo, sales of more manuals.pdf pdf 221.9 KB
download 1969-01-09 summery - S and R Unit history, High-Q sponsor, ham class fees.pdf pdf 217.7 KB
download 1969-02-13 summary - Mr Alberts desc transistor theory, 75M heli whip ant.pdf pdf 218.3 KB
download 1969-03-13 summary - construction of AC pwr supply for HW-12A.pdf pdf 219.7 KB
download 1969-04-10 summary - completed pwr supply on display.pdf pdf 218.9 KB
download 1969-05 Summary of 3 meetings from High-Q, Exec discuss truck purchase, 200 mile car rally.pdf pdf 218.0 KB
download 1969-05-03 LARC Hosts NWO Amateurs, 3AYZ-Life member, Tour airport ops.pdf pdf 225.6 KB
download 1969-05-03 Menu for Annual Dinner Meeting.pdf pdf 217.5 KB
download 1969-06-12 summary - VE3AYZ appointed liaison with Lakehead S and R Unit.pdf pdf 218.5 KB
download 1969-06-28 Field Day Report.pdf pdf 218.5 KB
download 1969-09-11 ELECTIONS, Scout Jamboree, Editor resigns.pdf pdf 223.2 KB
download 1969-09-26 Executive Meeting.pdf pdf 217.3 KB
download 1969-10-09 12th Annual JOA to use VE3SHQ, CNIB donation, Club name remains LARC.pdf pdf 222.1 KB
download 1969-10-09 summary - Club will not change name after amalgamation of cities.pdf pdf 218.3 KB
download 1969-11-13 QSL card marks city's birthday, Nov 2 search rpt, AREC in Thunder Bay.pdf pdf 220.4 KB
download 1969-12-11 discussion on 2 and 6 metre FM equipment.pdf pdf 216.1 KB
download 1970-01-08 Publicity Committee established.pdf pdf 218.9 KB
download 1970-02-13 Hi-Q to be reduced to 3 pages to cut expences.pdf pdf 220.5 KB
download 1970-03-12 discussion re Thunder Bay Award.pdf pdf 217.6 KB
download 1970-04-09 more on Thunder Bay Award - petition the mayor directly.pdf pdf 219.0 KB
download 1970-05-14 City will mail TB Awards, donors list, FD donates 2M rig.pdf pdf 220.6 KB
download 1970-06-11 Field Day plans, VE3ECV is new Editor.pdf pdf 219.6 KB
download 1970-09-10 City promotes TB Award, Elections, Boy Scouts Jamboree.pdf pdf 218.8 KB
download 1970-10-08 Sec 3EDG resigned repl by 3EEW, 3AYZ new Pres, LU tour.pdf pdf 220.0 KB
download 1970-10-22 Executives discuss storage of radios, cooperation with S and R Unit.pdf pdf 219.5 KB
download 1970-11-12 Talk on bio-electronics and telemetry or animal tracking.pdf pdf 219.0 KB
download 1970-12-10 DINNER Mr Somner discusses DOT airport facilities in Canada.pdf pdf 222.9 KB
download 1971-01-08 Execs discuss Ch-7 available to Club, 3EEW conducts CW classes.pdf pdf 218.5 KB
download 1971-01-14 News-Chronicle appears to pick up items from High-Q.pdf pdf 219.6 KB
download 1971-02-11 HW-12A insurance, Purchase of Club Stn tools, CKPR tour.pdf pdf 219.5 KB
download 1971-03-11 List of assets, license renewal, plans for June Dinner Meeting.pdf pdf 222.1 KB
download 1971-03-19 Execs 3GOW donated tool case for HW-12A.pdf pdf 219.2 KB
download 1971-04-08 Committee rpts, Send letter re American phone band expansion.pdf pdf 218.8 KB
download 1971-05-13 Field Day preparations.pdf pdf 218.7 KB
download 1971-06-10 3AYZ rptd on Onion Lake flood, Club photo album, Field Day.pdf pdf 219.1 KB
download 1971-09-09 elections postoned, Fred Prins VE3FPB introcuced.pdf pdf 218.6 KB
download 1971-10-14 ELECTIONS - JOTA Films.pdf pdf 221.5 KB
download 1971-11-11 ELECTIONS - vacant positions filled.pdf pdf 217.7 KB
download 1971-12-09 demonstration of home brew printed circuit boards.pdf pdf 217.7 KB
download 1972-01-13 minutes Call Sign license plates, CARF membership.pdf pdf 217.5 KB
download 1972-02 Pat O'Shea - VE3FW, 1881 - 1972, obituary.pdf pdf 223.7 KB
download 1972-02 Thunder Bay Award Recipients.pdf pdf 248.9 KB
download 1972-02-10 minutes, Don Ferguson of CNIB wants info re licensing the blind.pdf pdf 219.4 KB
download 1972-03-09 minutes HW-12A loan to members, Con College lab tour.pdf pdf 218.2 KB
download 1972-04-13 minutes received RSO Club Affilliation Charter.pdf pdf 218.9 KB
download 1972-05-11 minutes Club's 28 ft dish, applies for VE3FW to replace VE3ZCD.pdf pdf 220.1 KB
download 1972-06-08 No meeting-poor attendance, FD plans.pdf pdf 216.3 KB
download 1972-09 and -11 Special meetings Sep and Nov 1972.pdf pdf 220.7 KB
download 1972-09-14 minutes VE3FW application temporary set back.pdf pdf 218.2 KB
download 1972-10-12 minutes Fred Prins named co-editor.pdf pdf 218.1 KB
download 1972-11-09 minutes ELECTIONS, printed circuit boards.pdf pdf 219.6 KB
download 1972-12-13 minutes 28 ft dish project.pdf pdf 220.3 KB
download 1973-01-07 Executive minutes, years meeting topics.pdf pdf 219.2 KB
download 1973-01-11 minures, no volunteer for EC film - Fine Business.pdf pdf 218.7 KB
download 1973-02-08 minutes, 1st OSCAR-6 QSO TB-Ottawa.pdf pdf 219.7 KB
download 1973-03-08 minutes VE3FW approved replaces VE3ZCD.pdf pdf 218.3 KB
download 1973-04-12 minutes Old Fort QSL cards or certificates.pdf pdf 218.9 KB
download 1973-05-10 minutes Ham exhibit at TB Museum removed for RCMP exhibit.pdf pdf 220.4 KB
download 1973-06-14 minutes, Code classes to start in the fall.pdf pdf 218.1 KB
download 1973-10-11 minutes ELECTIONS S and R Unit needs help.pdf pdf 219.7 KB
download 1973-11-08 minutes VE3AXL appointed EC.pdf pdf 219.8 KB
download 1973-12-13 minutes Revised Consititution was read.pdf pdf 219.9 KB
download 1974-01-10 General Meeting January 10, 1974.pdf pdf 219.4 KB
download 1974-02-14 Genaral Meeting February 14, 1974.pdf pdf 221.2 KB
download 1974-03-14 General Meeting March 14, 1974.pdf pdf 220.9 KB
download 1974-04-11 40th Anniversary Dinner - summary from High-Q 11 April 1974.pdf pdf 219.1 KB
download 1974-04-11 40th Anniversary Dinner Meeting - April 11, 1974.pdf pdf 222.0 KB
download 1974-04-11 LARC 40th Anniversary Dinner report.pdf pdf 220.5 KB
download 1974-05-09 General Meeting May 9, 1974.pdf pdf 221.2 KB
download 1974-05-29 Special meeting with G Davis VE3BBW RSO VHF Advisory Committee.pdf pdf 218.1 KB
download 1974-06-13 General Meeting June 13, 1974.pdf pdf 220.7 KB
download 1974-09-12 General Meeting - ELECTIONS - September 12, 1974.pdf pdf 220.6 KB
download 1974-10-10 General Meeting October 10, 1974.pdf pdf 221.0 KB
download 1974-10-22 Executive Meeting October 22, 1974.pdf pdf 219.1 KB
download 1974-10-28 Membership and Mailing list October 28, 1974.pdf pdf 218.1 KB
download 1974-11-14 General Meeting November 14, 1974.pdf pdf 219.7 KB
download 1974-12 How Old is Amateur Radio from December 1974 High-Q.pdf pdf 217.0 KB
download 1974-12-12 General Meeting December 12, 1974.pdf pdf 219.4 KB
download 1974-77 VE3YQT - from concept to reality.pdf pdf 238.1 KB
download 1975-01-09 General Meeting January 9, 1975.pdf pdf 219.1 KB
download 1975-02-13 Dinner Meeting February 13, 1975.pdf pdf 218.7 KB
download 1975-02-13 Dinner Meeting Payment Record.pdf pdf 217.9 KB
download 1975-03-13 General Meeting March 13, 1975.pdf pdf 219.1 KB
download 1975-04-10 General Meeting April 10, 1975.pdf pdf 219.2 KB
download 1975-05-08 General Meeting May 8, 1975.pdf pdf 219.0 KB
download 1975-06-12 General Meeting June 12, 1975.pdf pdf 219.4 KB
download 1975-09-11 General Meeting - ELECTIONS.pdf pdf 219.5 KB
download 1975-10-09 General Meeting October 9, 1975.pdf pdf 220.5 KB
download 1975-10-14 EXECUTIVE Meeting October 14, 1975.pdf pdf 218.7 KB
download 1975-11-13 General Meeting Novemver 13, 1975.pdf pdf 220.4 KB
download 1975-12-12 General Meeting December 12, 1975.pdf pdf 220.7 KB
download 1976-01-08 Club affiliation with FM Association.pdf pdf 220.2 KB
download 1976-02-12 Annual Dinner Meeting, false fire alarm.pdf pdf 219.0 KB
download 1976-02-13 club to receive 10,000 Old Fort QSL cards.pdf pdf 219.5 KB
download 1976-03-11 plans for ham display in mall, CQ WW at VE3LUE.pdf pdf 219.9 KB
download 1976-04-08 Call sign plates cost 25 dollars, OSCAR demo.pdf pdf 222.6 KB
download 1976-06-10 QSL cards 3,000 received from Old Fort.pdf pdf 220.0 KB
download 1976-09-09 ten meter net, ELECTIONS, dues increase.pdf pdf 222.5 KB
download 1976-10-14 CNIB classes, regular classes, 10 meter net.pdf pdf 223.0 KB
download 1976-10-14 Summary from Hi-Q, classes for CNIB students.pdf pdf 221.9 KB
download 1976-11 family of Don VE3GOE donates gear to club.pdf pdf 219.3 KB
download 1976-11-01 LARC Constitution.pdf pdf 223.8 KB
download 1976-12-09 call sign license plates available in Ontario.pdf pdf 224.9 KB
download 1977-01-xx minutes transcribed from hand written notes.pdf pdf 224.5 KB
download 1977-02-10 minutes transcribed from hand written notes.pdf pdf 220.5 KB
download 1977-03-10 2M antennas for hospitals.pdf pdf 219.4 KB
download 1977-03-11 Meet a Ham Night - Hillcrest High School.pdf pdf 218.7 KB
download 1977-03-xx Executive meeting talking points.pdf pdf 222.6 KB
download 1977-04-14 summary of meeting.pdf pdf 222.5 KB
download 1977-04-14 VE4ED Heathkit Rep and equip display.pdf pdf 220.9 KB
download 1977-05-12 Loans to TB FM Association for repeater upgrades.pdf pdf 224.1 KB
download 1977-06-09 Sprit Mountain Hamfest, Old Fort QSL cards.pdf pdf 221.4 KB
download 1977-06-24 and 25 Field Day Participants.pdf pdf 218.0 KB
download 1977-06-24 and 25 Field Day Report.pdf pdf 221.3 KB
download 1977-09-08 Fall ham Classes, tapes, manuals, associate membership fees.pdf pdf 219.6 KB
download 1977-09-08 meeting summary from Hi-Q.pdf pdf 219.3 KB
download 1977-10 Minutes Oct 1977.pdf pdf 1.6 MB
download 1977-10-13 General Meeting - from notes - ELECTIONS.pdf pdf 225.5 KB
download 1977-11 Minutes Nov 1977.pdf pdf 1.2 MB
download 1977-11-01 meeting minures from notes.pdf pdf 224.0 KB
download 1977-12 Minutes Dec 1977.pdf pdf 972.8 KB
download 1977-12-14 meeting minutes from notes.pdf pdf 220.6 KB
download 1978 Hamfest 1978.pdf pdf 626.7 KB
download 1978-01 Exec Minutes Jan 1978.pdf pdf 737.2 KB
download 1978-01 Minutes Jan 1978.pdf pdf 1.1 MB
download 1978-01-04 Exec minutes Constitution change, year's outline.pdf pdf 222.4 KB
download 1978-01-12 minutes, proposal to change Constitution.pdf pdf 224.3 KB
download 1978-01-xx Notice of motion - Constitutional change.pdf pdf 217.5 KB
download 1978-02 Minutes Feb 1978.pdf pdf 976.8 KB
download 1978-02-09 minutes, SET exercise in February.pdf pdf 220.5 KB
download 1978-03 Minutes Mar 1978.pdf pdf 601.6 KB
download 1978-03-11 Dinner minutes VE3ARN Life membership.pdf pdf 219.8 KB
download 1978-04 Minutes Apr 1978.pdf pdf 1.1 MB
download 1978-04-13 minutes, TVI committee established.pdf pdf 222.3 KB
download 1978-05 Minutes May 1978.pdf pdf 1.1 MB
download 1978-05-11 minutes 5 ant to be installed on hospitals.pdf pdf 221.1 KB
download 1978-06 Field Day Attendees.pdf pdf 218.2 KB
download 1978-06 Minutes Jun 1978.pdf pdf 1.0 MB
download 1978-06-09 minutes, committee reports.pdf pdf 220.4 KB
download 1978-08 Hamfest Financial report.pdf pdf 218.7 KB
download 1978-08 Hamfest Register.pdf pdf 217.0 KB
download 1978-09 Financial Statement Sep 1978.pdf pdf 486.8 KB
download 1978-09 Minutes Sep 1978.pdf pdf 2.2 MB
download 1978-09-14 minutes ELECTIONS.pdf pdf 221.8 KB
download 1978-09-15 Year End Financial Statement.pdf pdf 219.0 KB
download 1978-10 Minutes Oct 1978.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
download 1978-10-12 minutes, Committees formed, Big dish disposal.pdf pdf 222.8 KB
download 1978-11 Minutes Nov 1978.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
download 1978-11-09 minutes, Club to incorporate.pdf pdf 224.0 KB
download 1978-12 Minutes Dec 1978.pdf pdf 932.0 KB
download 1978-12-14 minutes over 200 Christmas messages handled.pdf pdf 223.7 KB
download 1979-01 Minutes Jan 1979.pdf pdf 1.1 MB
download 1979-01-11 minutes, Insurance, God Child, Ski Tour.pdf pdf 224.6 KB
download 1979-02 Minutes Feb 1979.pdf pdf 1.1 MB
download 1979-02-08 Dinner Meeting, Godchild birthday card.pdf pdf 230.7 KB
download 1979-03 Minutes Mar 1979.pdf pdf 1.5 MB
download 1979-03-08 minutes, Incorporation update, Fort Kaministiqua.pdf pdf 225.5 KB
download 1979-04 Minutes Apr 1979.pdf pdf 1.0 MB
download 1979-05 Minutes May 1979.pdf pdf 1.1 MB
download 1979-06 Minutes Jun 1979.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
download 1979-09 Minutes Sep 1979.pdf pdf 994.2 KB
download error_log  9.2 KB

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