LAKEHEAD AMATEUR RADIO CLUB - 75 Anniversary Project
List of Historic Documents
compiled by VE3ATC
    name asc type size
download 1926 - Going to Sea With a Crystal Set.pdf pdf 224.7 KB
download 1926 - Murphy Goes to Sea (Again).pdf pdf 225.1 KB
download 1927 - Aboard the Canadian Runner.pdf pdf 222.1 KB
download 1930 - Murphy Strikes Peelee Island.pdf pdf 224.0 KB
download 1930 - Rum Runners on the Spanish Main.pdf pdf 223.8 KB
download 1942 - Winter Installations in Manitoba.pdf pdf 222.6 KB
download A New Op.pdf pdf 218.8 KB
download A True Story from WWII.pdf pdf 220.8 KB
download AJ's LARC History, Part 1.pdf pdf 221.2 KB
download AJ's LARC History, Part 2.pdf pdf 220.8 KB
download AJ's LARC History, Part 3.pdf pdf 221.4 KB
download AJ's LARC History, Part 4.pdf pdf 219.8 KB
download AJ's LARC History, Part 5.pdf pdf 222.2 KB
download An Autobiography of APBO.pdf pdf 232.7 KB
download Appearances were deceiving.pdf pdf 218.9 KB
download Arctic Voyage.pdf pdf 233.4 KB
download Believe it or not.pdf pdf 217.5 KB
download Chile on a Hot Day.pdf pdf 222.3 KB
download Did you know.pdf pdf 220.0 KB
download Don't blame everything on Murphy.pdf pdf 221.8 KB
download error_log  6.8 KB
download Frank Discovers ...IT.pdf pdf 224.0 KB
download Murphy Strikes at Sea.pdf pdf 225.0 KB
download Story from Frank, VE3AJ.pdf pdf 221.1 KB
download The Origin of 73.pdf pdf 219.6 KB
download Would you believe.pdf pdf 218.1 KB

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