LAKEHEAD AMATEUR RADIO CLUB - 75 Anniversary Project
List of Historic Documents
compiled by VE3ATC
    name asc type size
download Anderson Letter Jul 1994.pdf pdf 956.2 KB
download Arrowhead Swapfest 1985.pdf pdf 1.0 MB
download Autosport Club Mar 1987.pdf pdf 775.8 KB
download EMO Mar 1987.pdf pdf 849.8 KB
download EMO May 1988.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
download LARC Hamfest Invite Aug 1994.pdf pdf 861.3 KB
download LARC Reply to Anderson Aug 1994.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
download LARC to CKPR Jun 1985.pdf pdf 2.3 MB
download P. Allen DOC Speech Dec 1992.pdf pdf 2.3 MB
download PAllen DOC Speech Dec 1992.pdf pdf 2.5 MB
download Sally Ann Blitz Night May 1988.pdf pdf 1.5 MB
download TB Tel Re New Listing 1987.pdf pdf 839.0 KB
download VA3BND Re ESCPP Jan 2003.pdf pdf 983.6 KB
download VE3BBS Open Letter 1988.pdf pdf 1.2 MB
download VE3HFS Irkutsk Letter Jan 1993.pdf pdf 1.9 MB
download VE3JSC Open Letter 1988.pdf pdf 3.8 MB
download VE3OPI LARC Course Outline.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
download VE3YQT Fund Raising VE3HFS.pdf pdf 1.5 MB

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