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General Club Information

 The Lakehead Amateur Radio Club Inc. (LARC) is an Ontario registered, non-profit corporation. The following hypertext pages are the opinions/viewpoints of its contributing authors. LARC or its editors assume no responsibility for the accuracy of information documented. These pages may be copied for non-profit use by the amateur radio community provided credit is given to the authors and source(s).

LARC is also a member of the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC).

 The first meeting of the Lakehead Amateur Radio Club Inc. was April 17 1934. The club  inaugural meeting first elected Pat O'Shea VE3FW as it first president on this date. The club was originally called Lakehead Wireless Experimenters and later to be called Lakehead Amateur Radio Club and later again Lakehead Amateur Radio Club Inc.

Mission Statement

As approved by a meeting on June 14 1979 by the members of the Lakehead Amateur Radio Club Inc.

A.  To provide an organization for the encouragement of the science of radio, electronics and communications for and by amateur radio operators;

B.  To hold meetings for the purpose of bringing the club members together to share ideas and information related to amateur radio;

C.  To provide the amateur radio (operator) with theoretical and practical assistance;

D.  To provide volunteer radio communications as a public service whenever possible;

E.  To promote the hobby of amateur radio, by way of classes, lectures, exhibitions, demonstrations and information to the general public; and

F.   To purchase, acquire or take by gift, devise, bequest or donation for the objects of the corporation and the furtherance of its objects, but for no other purpose, and to sell, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of any real personal property.


General Club meetings are every second Thursday of every month (except summer months) in Room 191 McIntyre Building at Confederation College for 7:30pm EST. Saturday breakfast gatherings are at the Blue Parrot Restaurant for 9:30am EST. Daily gatherings are usually around 2:00pm EST at what ever place is decided upon on YQT.

If anything is missing or you want to add something, please contact us at ve3fw@rac.ca
mailing address:
Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
1100C Memorial Ave. Suite 184
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 4A3







 Picture of CKPR Transmitter site on mount Baldy. Our VE3YQT Repeater Antenna is on the left tower at the 350 foot spot.