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What is amateur radio?

It is both a hobby and a service - better known as ham radio. Unlike most hobbies, however, operators are licensed by their national governments (in Canada., by Industry Canada and provide a number of services to their nation.

 Because It is a true service its formal name is the Amateur Radio Service. It is a non-profit hobby in which ham operators communicate with other hams in all parts of the world and out of this world! They donate their time for emergency communications, local events. Communications is accomplished via means of what is called modes of transmitting and receiving.

 Once licensed, ham operators are able to use a wide variety of communications technologies examples of these modes are in the "Modes of communications page".

With an appropriate ham license, you can use high technology radios for personal communications between friends and family, with no air time charges like cellular. You can provide assistance to your community during emergencies. You can access 911 from your radio (available on many repeater systems) to call for help. You can also place personal phone calls through many repeater systems.

Many questions regarding how all this got started can be answered with these site pages on, where did it all start and the Origins of the Handie Talkie.  

 [The above links are very interesting and deserve a look see]

The RAC Radio Amateur of Canada web site as well as theARRL (American Radio Relay League) will give your curiosity some useful answers. Also you may want to look at the pages of the Beginner's Guide to Making CW Contacts by Jack Wagoner WB8FSV. Please feel free to visit this site anytime.

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Our website is a focal point for the many different aspects of the Lakehead Amateur Radio Club (LARC).

 The Lakehead Amateur Radio Club members have all levels of interest and knowledge in the wide spectrum of amateur radio.

 Monthly meetings and contact with other members allow us to share and discuss different ideas, and to learn from each other.

 We will try to include as much of the members ideas, news, and events as possible in the continuing publishing of this web site.

A Trip up to Mount Baldy to repair VE3YQT Repeater.    

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What's New Dec. 2011

Since the web site has been up for a few years now! We have decided the time has come to update some items as well as the overall look. I am now trying Microsoft Expression to rebuilt the pages. Leo VE3ATC is still using

 Dreamweaver to do his pages. After trying to understand Dreamweaver the last few years I gave up and changed over. Laurie VE3VIA has volunteer to come onboard and is in the learning mode. We have changed quite a bit so far with still a lot to go. I hope that our new look is agreeable to the Club members and viewing quests. Any comments please email us ve3fw@larclub.ca .

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